Chris Christie is the Regina George of New Jersey Politics

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When we’re children or even teenagers, we all hope that the teasing, backstabbing and sidewinding ways of high school torture will be behind us. The gleeful texts and revenge plots and the “you can’t sit here” will forever be erased come graduation day.


These practices are alive and well, at least, allegedly, in the  administration of New Jersey governor Chris Christie. E-mails leaked a few days ago from Christie’s office suggest that Christie and his posse may be the “Mean Girls” of New Jersey politics.

It all went down like this:  Democratic Mayor of Ft. Lee, Mark Sokolich chooses not to support Christies bid for re-election.

Then, very mysteriously (after Christie has secured his spot as Jersey’s top dog), the George Washington bridge closes down for about a week-  (the George Washington bridge allows auto travel from northern New Jersey into NYC), leaving only ONE toll booth open– in Ft. Lee.

Mayor Sokolich pleads for help noting that his constituency is having enormous trouble getting to and from work and school. No one responds.

The bridge eventually opens but only after an extremely chaotic week for Ft. Lee.

Now, e-mails and texts have been  leaked showing gleeful exchanges between Christie appointees regarding the closing of the bridge.  Bridget Anne Kelly, a top Christie advisors instructs the shutdown of the GW bridge in an e-mail stating “time for some traffic problems in Ft. Lee.”

Texts messages are exchanged by Christie appointees mocking Sokolich’s e-mail plea for help where one official states, “Is it wrong that I am smiling” to which another official replies “no.”

Though the closing of the GW bridge, may, in the grand scheme, not seem like a big deal, it is. Is this how Chris Christie is going to treat all of his opponents- with childish revenge plots? Though Christie denies involvement, it is hard to image he was completely oblivious to the real reasons for the bridge closing. Christie (who before now I really liked, despite my Democratic ways), was a potential top candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. But, how can one be president if he and his officials feel the need to get all Regina George on their opponents?

You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, Governor Christie.

Megan Sparks

Megan Sparks

Megan is a Midwestern transplant to Brooklyn by way of law school, and everyone loves to make fun of her northern Ohio "accent." When she's not in the classroom, in court, or crying in the corner of the library, she likes to explore her new home, ogle French bulldogs, search for Sufjan Stevens, and attend every music show she can afford. Her ultimate goal is to pen the next Great American Novel and her favorite place in the world is Chinatown, NYC.