Foie Gras Is The New Fur For A Reason

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Foie gras (“fatty liver”) is a French delicacy derived from intense animal cruelty. In order to obtain the diseased liver of a duck or geese, which is later consumed, manufacturers must force a pipe down ducks’ throats to force feed them. This process causes the liver of the ducks to grow much larger than it typically would while also causing breathing issues, lacerations, constant regurgitation, bruising and numerous other issues seen in the video.

With the increased understanding of organic and naturally produced foods, states like California have moved to ban the production of food products such as foie gras in support of humane animal practices. Even with intense legal and moral debates there are still a number of states and countries producing foie gras but you can help by taking action with groups like The Human Society.

John Sumpter

John Sumpter

John Sumpter is the founder of Lennial. Besides exploring NYC for the best cookie and coffee combination, John is a graduate student at NYU studying the affects of culture and communications on policy development. Before working to change the way people interact with media, John graduated Syracuse University with a focus in politics and Middle Eastern policy.